Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

May 04, 2016

Wild Times!

Princess with her green "99" wing ID tag
Princess (#799) and the other 2015 wild fledged birds (#773, 787, & 789)  continue to thrive in Big Sur.  They are "regulars" on the condor cam and were spotted more recently exploring the Big Sur coastline.
Untagged bird (we presume #787 or #789)
Currently, untagged condors 787 and 789 are only discernible by subtle differences in feather growth patterns and their true identities won't be known until we obtain a blood sample for DNA analyses.  Obtaining DNA will require trapping them, which we hope happens in the next couple weeks...fingers crossed. Once the DNA confirms their identity we will attach a colored ID number tag and transmitter.
Do we really have to tag them? For now, yes, it's especially important that we know what happens to wild-raised condors, they represent the future of the flock. Until next time...

This photo shows the subtle differences between the two untagged birds

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