Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

November 02, 2015

Fuego stealth no more!

Fuego displays his vibrant head-neck colors
VWS Biologists attach new transmitters
The VWS Condor team successfully trapped Fuego (#470) this past week and replaced his non-functioning radio transmitters. As part of a collaborative effort with the Pinnacles Condor Team, Fuego and other condors are being rounded up right now for routine transmitter replacements and blood lead checks.  Fortunately, Fuego and others tested low in blood lead and were released back to the wild. But that wasn't the case for all, seven condors were sent to captivity to be treated for lead poisoning. Thanks to the support of our partners at LA and Oakland Zoos, the lead-sick condors are given first class care and treatment by dedicated veterinarians and keeper staff.  All seven condors appear to be recovering well and we anticipate their return to the wild in the coming weeks.
Fuego is cleared for take off!
Fuego flies free once again
Shadow (#209) takes flight after testing low in lead
Photos courtesy of www.webnectar.com

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