Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

September 15, 2015

Learning to Fly!

Condor #773 honing in his flight skills (Photo-Tim Huntington)
It's official...Condor nestling #773 has left the nest and is learning to fly.  First flights are always the toughest but Condor #773 appears to be progressing well since leaving the nest two days ago. Many first flights usually end in a crash landing, but that's not the case for this youngster, so far so good! Like most parents, Mom (#222) and Dad (#251) have been keeping a very watchful eye on his progress.  

Condor #773 isn't our only nestling this year, Condors #787, #789, and #799 are due to fledge over the next month or so. You can check in on #799 right now- Live Streaming Nest Cam

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