Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

August 25, 2015

Condor 799 in good health, Nest cam launch

Melissa Clark with 799 
We conducted the final health exam on Condor 799.  Her blood tested low for lead, which was excellent news and we attached a new radio transmitter and Identification tag (Green 99) to her wing.  Overall, her health was stellar and she weighed in at a solid 16 pounds!

Nest cam taking in the action
We put the final touches on our live streaming condor nest cam, the first ever! Behind the scenes, the install of the cam was a monumental effort.  It involved carrying heavy loads up a steep rugged coastal canyon and climbing up a massive redwood tree.  We planned the bulk of the cam work to coincide with health exams on 799, to reduce disturbance around the nest. 

Nest cam inside redwood
Joe Burnett climbing up to install cam

Big Thanks to LA Zoo staff Mike Clark, Trey Kropp with Big Sur Wireless and Joe Piper with HDontap for their expert assistance during the install.  

Click here to see the latest action-  Condor nest cam

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