Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

June 03, 2015

Mystery Unraveled!

       We finally caught Mystery! Condor #769, also known as Mystery, showed up for the first time on our release slope this last winter. She was raised and fledged without any assistance from VWS Biologists. After several months flying around without transmitters, Condor #769 was trapped during our spring trap up!!
After a blood test biologists were able to determine that Mystery is a girl and that her biological parents are male 242 "Red" and female 311 "Loner" . We are very excited Mystery is a girl because we have so many young males in our flock.
After getting a vaccination, a brand new transmitter, and passing her lead test, Condor #769 was released back into the wild.  Keep your eye out as you are driving the coast, you might just be lucky enough to see her. Her tag is a Green 69. Good luck Mystery, fly free!!

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