Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

May 02, 2013

Condor Moms are the best!

Our 2013 condor nest season is fully underway!  As part of our nest research, we get intimate looks at condors and their wild nests each season- here are few highlight pics from this year that really tell the story.
Condor 171's wild egg failed in March after we discovered it was crushed (possible thin eggshells), but luckily we swapped it out in time with an artificial one and she started incubating again. We brought her a foster egg from LA Zoo (picture above) to hatch with her mate, 194. 
Condor 190 calmly incubates inside her redwood nest cavity.  She and her mate, 167, have been nesting in this fire carved redwood nest cavity since 2006.
Condor female 400 attentively tends to her wild egg.  She's probably wondering why we are there. This is the first nest attempt by 400 and we are excited to see new pairs joining the ranks. She is paired up with first time male, 345.

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