Central Coast California Condor Count= 80+ free-flying

October 31, 2012

A shaky, yet promising, start!

Condor chicks 663, 664, and 665 have flourished this fall, with 664 taking her first tentative flights early in the month. She was first seen hopping from her coastal redwood nest tree in brief spurts of wing beats to nearby trees, and as the month has progressed she has been spotted making not-yet graceful circles around her nesting canyon with her legs down, prepared to land at any moment. Let's just her flights were a bit shaky at first!
664 takes flight! 
A trio parenting scenario was confirmed this month. DNA testing revealed that Pinnacles’ oldest condor, 306 is actually 664’s genetic mom! The father 251, and step-mom 222 have been seen in the area encouraging 664’s flights, but 306 has been the most attentive. This intriguing insight into condor culture is a fascinating surprise.

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