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December 01, 2011

Tragic Loss of VWS Biologist

In Memory of Mike Tyner... 

Mike Tyner was a wildlife biologist who dedicated the last six working for Ventana Wildlife Society, to save California Condors in Big Sur, CA. He was truly an exceptional individual who served as the field supervisor for Ventana Wildlife Society's condor recovery program.

Tragically, during high winds in Big Sur on November 30, a tree toppled causing his death. 

This loss is catastrophic, heartbreaking, and painful. As our staff mourns the passing of a remarkable friend, our hearts go out to his family. Mike will be greatly missed! Read More... 
Mike & Andy

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JShing said...

For nine years, Mike played a key role in VWS' work. I will remember him for his heroic efforts to evacuate condors during the Basin-Complex fire with Joe and Henry; and for his strong, daily commitment to wildlife conservation.